Monkey Fist Concrete lifting device

The Monkey Fist Is The Best Way To Lift Out Concrete

This is a new patented device for removing pre-sawn concrete slabs without using a breaker. Designed to quickly remove sections of concrete bridge decks, repair road beds or renovate floor space in buildings. The Monkey Fist works similar to a wedge anchor, but is reusable. Simply core drill a 2″ hole in or near the center of the piece to be removed (for balance), insert the Monkey Fist and lift the slab out. To recover the Monkey Fist just lift the release handle, remove and reuse.

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When the tool is at rest, the diameter of the mandrel is slightly under 2″. This allows easy insertion of the unit into the pre drilled hole.

When lift pressure is applied, it causes the grip rings of the patented two piece mandrel to expand. This allows the grip pressure to increase proportionately to the weight of the load.

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