See Why Dirt Monkey Uses The Beak Skid Steer Attachment

This is the best skid loader attachment we have for demolition. Its called “the Beak” & looks like a Mickey Mouse toy, but after actually using it on our job sites- it changed our minds. Its the best piece of equipment we had bought since a mini-excavator. Its like having a thumb for a skid loader. Its seriously that good.

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The Beak concrete removal skid steer attachment by Daniel Mfg. Inc. is designed to pry, break and move massive concrete slabs with ease. It’s unique patented fork grapple design is the only one like it in the industry with crobar style forks that increase leverage when prying up concrete and a robust jaw that utilizes the full power of the machine’s hydraulic force to secure massive loads of material. The Beak is the most economical alternative for breaking up concrete and is built to last using only the highest quality materials and techniques when it’s being built.

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